Can someone help me setup aTrimble R2 with Collector app?

10-08-2018 06:23 AM
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I could really use some help setting up a Trimble R2 with the ESRI Collector application.  I can use the Trimble GNSS Status app to set the R2 up with our corrections service provider with no problems whatsoever.  The problems start when I try to connect Collector to the receiver.  I can select it and then set a location profile but my position isn't shown on the map.  I've tried multiple location profiles and nothing is working.  I also tried the suggested work around below and still no luck.  If anyone out there could help I would greatly appreciate it!

Bug BUG-000112562


After selecting Trimble R2 on Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) as the location provider, then setting the location profile, the location is not displayed until Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) is force closed, then GNSS Status Utility is reopened before Collector for ArcGIS (iOS).

Eddie McClure

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