Can I make features disappear after Sync using a time filter?

04-06-2020 03:38 PM
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Using Collector, when a field crew finishes collecting point and line features for a day and hits Sync (to sync their offline data to the cloud), I would like their previous features to not appear in the same offline map the next day. With an 8-hour time filter applied to the layers in the referenced web map, the observations will disappear if they sync, remove the offline area, and re-download it. However, this is a cumbersome process for all of them, and some claim that they haven't always had to do this. Is there any way to make the features from the day disappear without having to remove and re-download maps?

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by Esri Contributor
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Hey Travis,

In an offline map in collector, if you filter using a string or integer does the map properly update after syncing?

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Hey Matt...this is pretty funny but I’m betting I went to grad school with you at NCSU .

I too am wondering this very same thing. I am using a filter on a string field that gets updated overnight to filter out the features, but the only way you can get downloaded maps to “show” (which is really hiding) the filtered features is to delete it and re-download it. It does not update after syncing and setting a refresh interval on the layer only works for live maps. I'm restricted to using Classic though, so it may be that that's a problem in itself.

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