Can collector add points to both parent point feature and child point feature while participating in a relationship class?

08-21-2019 01:33 PM
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I'm trying to create a collector (web map) so our users can collect a point for both the parent point feature, and the child point feature within a single Collector app (web map), while also being able to review the collected related tables from the attributes (pop-up label/View) panel.  


I've tried several approaches:

  1. Normal relationship class
  2. Reversing the relationship class, which allows me to have a single collection point for the inspections, but no way to also collect the parent feature point.
  3.  Adding 2 relationship classes (both the normal and the reverse relationship classes to the same tables, but opposite direction) thereby making both 'look' like parents (I was hoping).  While the geodatabase allowed me to create the relationship classes without so much as a blip, Collector would not display either layers in the 'Collect a new feature' panel.
  4. I finally tried to remove all relationship classes from geodatabase, and add them in ArcMap.  I received a warning that this produces an in-memory join, but was still able to publish the feature layer.  However, the relationship did not show in Collector.

The only way to get both allowing to add points is to remove any relationship classes between both feature classes, which also removes any chance of validating the data from within the application.

Is this simply not a viable workflow in Collector?

It seems like Collector only displays the pop-up/attribute/relationship class view info for only one single parent feature class.  When presented with a double relationship to the same tables in the same feature service, Collector removes both from editing.

I don't see why having both relationship classes should be reason to not allow both to be editable while allowing the display of the pop-up details, since the geodatabase allow this.  I think I'm slowly realizing the unfortunate answer, but thought I'd  ask those who may have found a way to get this to work, before walking away from this.

My environment:

I'm using ArcSDE 10.2.1, and ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 (on a federated Portal environment).   I'm currently using Collector 'Classic' v. 19.0.2.

Finally, thanks in advance for any thoughts, recommendations, and suggestions.

Ed J

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