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Blog discussion: Control access to data in Collector through feature layer views

06-08-2018 02:51 PM
by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

I've written a blog about ways you can Control access to data in Collector through feature layer views. It talks about how you, as the admin of your data, might need to give different mobile workers different access to the same data. Perhaps they need different editing permissions or access to different attributes. You can use feature layer views to give them a customized view. Give the blog a read, then come here to discuss it.


Esri Education Team
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Is it possible to have a hosted feature layer and a hosted feature layer view (or two different hosted feature layer views as children of the same data) in two different web maps and allow them both to be downloaded in Collector for offline use? Some of my field workers would like different feature templates for data collection in the field. We are always working places without internet during the work day and sync in the evening, so we need offline downloads in Collector. Layer views seem like a good work around, but Collector won't download the web map I made with the layer view. The web map with the hosted feature layer works to download in Collector and is set up to create/update/sync. Thanks.

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