Auto populate relationship class in collector from feature class

01-17-2019 05:27 AM
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Hey ESRI people,

I'm trying to develop a better collector workflow for my sewer dept field guys.

The have manhole inspections they do everyday in the collector app.

The way we currently have it set up is we have a feature class of the manhole that has all the data and time and date it was last inspected.

We also have a relationship class with a relationship table called manhole inspection form that they use for historical records for that manhole.

They currently have to repeat a data in the feature class as well as in the relationship table.

What i'm asking is there a way to populate the manhole inspection form with the data from the feature class when they create a new relationship table from the feature class in the collector app?


Let  me know if you have any more questions about my problem.

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Have you considered passing the data to Survey123 using the Custom URL Scheme? I have a similar workflow where our Streetlight crew clicks on an existing Streetlight to create a work order. The unique ID of the Streetlight is passed from Collector into Survey and the crew adds any information they need in Survey. You can pass any information already present in the feature class from Collector to Survey.

Would this work for you? I realize it's not a true relationship class, but you could always create the relationship using your manhole unique IDs.

The only limitation I've found with this workflow is that Survey always creates a new point regardless if you specify a geopoint type in the XLSForm. It would be great if Esri delivered a Survey that behaved like a table without the need to gather points each time...

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I'm not sure that would be the best way to go, because they also update the data in the feature class when they do their inspection. But it is something to look into. 

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