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Attachment (blob)and Collector

11-02-2016 08:06 AM
New Contributor III

Hi everyone,

I would like to increase our web server performance by re-direct attachment being collected from Collector to a specified server, and don't know if this is an option that is available.   My AGOL server is local, ArcGIS 10.3 and using iOS-iPad Collector to collect field data which include capturing photo by using the attachment option when setting up the service.  I do understand once the photo is captured and then 'upload' to AGOL the data  becomes a blob.   I would prefer not to keep download the attachment, save to the specified server, then upload it again to AGOL.  Simply because our field data crew are constantly utilizing the Collector and would prefer 'live' data constantly.  I have very limited knowledge in programming/coding, therefore, any streamline workflows is very much appreciated.

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