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ArcGIS Collector - Table of Contents Sidebar Position

01-26-2019 12:01 PM
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I posted this as an idea ArcGIS Collector - Table of Contents Sidebar Position but wanted also ask if there is already a way to change the position of the sidebar in collector or workarounds others have found?

As we have been testing Aurora and now working with Collector 18.1.0 the number one complaint we have is the position of the Table of Contents sidebar on tablet devices.  In previous versions of Collector,  the sidebar was on the right and you can make all inputs from one side of the screen.  The new versions the sidebar is on the left and you need to cross the screen to select your feature then back again to press Submit. 

This may sound petty, but when you a collecting hundreds of points a day this takes time.  We have also noted, on occasion, you accidentally pan the map when moving your hand across the map and end up collecting a manual point rather than the GPS point. It took us a while to figure out where these rouge points were coming from.

Edited screen shots for graphic representation 

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