ArcGIS collector logging out?

01-21-2021 09:11 AM
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Our users have been having issues with Collector making them sign in randomly. It doesn't take them back to the main sign in, but a box pops up asking for credentials. Today I downloaded an offline map, and 5 minutes after it was done I tried to sync it. A box popped up saying "credentials required" even though Collector hadn't been closed out since the download, WiFi connectivity was not lost, and the iPad screen wasn't even locked. Used to our users could go weeks or months without ever having to sign in, now it's happening all the time. Has anyone else had this issue? I figure it's a bug that ESRI will fix in a few months, but it's becoming quite burdensome. 

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We are having this issue a lot and it is causing a lot of frustration within the team. The log in portal constantly pops up, sometimes when they have just opened the app and also when they are looking at maps. They have to shut everything down and try again. We need a solution to this as soon as possible as it is now happening more frequently..