Arcgis Collector drop downs Via Domain and subtypes?

11-26-2013 08:55 AM
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I'm using Arcgis Collector for Android and I am really liking what I see. My hangup is with drop down menus when editing/ creating a new feature with the collector. From what I understand i need to create the proper Domains with coded values for the feature class in my file geodatabase, but (correct me if i'm wrong) I need and ArcEditor license to accomplish this (I have ArcBasic 10.1). Can I do this any other way whether through Arcgis Online or Arcgis Desktop?
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I forget that in 10.2 you can add hosted feature services directly from catalog.

Your method worked. I see the attachments. Thanks much!
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You will need to use ArcMap and a file geodatabase. You can check out this resources link to see the workflow.

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You should be able to created your coded value domains with a Basic licence. Can you explain why you can't do this? Unfortunately there is no way to create domains inside ArcGIS Online but you can do it in Desktop with any licence level.
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Ok, I got the drop downs to work. It seems that manually adding domains and coded values was the problem (I must have missed a step somewhere). In ArcCatalog I used the Create Domain Tool under Data Management Tools and then the Add Coded Value to Domain Tool. And Finaly use the Assign Domain To Field Tool. After I had done this and uploaded it to ArcGIS Online I was able to see the drop downs using my ArcGIS Collector on Android.

The only drawback to this is that it's a little time consuming (running both tools) if you have multiple fields needing different Domain coded values. It works great though, so I'm happy. 🙂  If anybody has any input where I may have gone wrong using the manual method please let me know. (The manual method being - clicking on the file gdb and going to properties and then the domains tab, adding domain and coded values, then going to the feature class within the same file gdb and editing the subtypes. This method was foggy for me, thus it not working)

This is where I found the tip to use the tools.

Also this was done using my ArcDesktop Basic 10.2 License, thanks adams_c84.

Picture of it working:

Thanks everyone for your input.