Arc Collector Map Download Failed

06-02-2015 01:08 PM
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What does the error message mean when trying to download--

"Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters. Exporting data for layer 0 failed."

Occurs on both IOS and Android.

Occurs regardless of whether the Basemap is stored on device or not.

Only happens when i try to download from a specific area in the map, I work in Teton County Wy, I can work offline with no issues in 95% of the county, except for this section.

When I use the same basemap with a different map, with different features, it works fine. Which leads me to believe the error isn't in the basemap or aerial image, but in certain features that are within that area of the basemap.

Sync enabled-  I can work offline with the map, just not in one area of the map.

Help is appreciated.


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Since it mentions that it was unable to create a replica, I am assuming you are using a feature service on your own server.  Have you run a check on the geometries of the feature class?  I'm wondering if you have some features with bad geometries and they are only in that area.

Jeff Ward
Summit County, Utah
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Jeff, thank you. I did have bad geometry. Its working fine now!

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Hello both.  I'm having this same issue, and repaired geometries, and still having it... any other ideas?  

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I had this issue as well and my maps and feature services are on AGOL. A good way to tell which layer is causing issues is in the error code. In the case above, layer 0 points to the first layer on the map.

In my case, it wasn't a geometry issue but a field name in a hosted feature service that was converted from an Excel spreadsheet that caused it to fail when creating a replica.

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