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Another "Tracking" Question and Lists Question

11-11-2013 11:46 PM
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Good day,

I was hoping someone might be able to assist in explaining how the tracker works in the collector and how to set up lists (preset data) for collection from the Collector App?

Basically I have read how to add the tracking service to a published map online and have done so. I cannot however seem to get the tracker to show / move as a field worker is collecting data within the field. I simply see the points that are being collected.
Could someone please post a link / describe how this is meant to work?

Secondly I have seen in the videos posted on the ArcGIS Online blogs of people collecting data based upon predefined options and symbols.
How is this accomplished?

Many thanks and kind regards,

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1) The tracking layer acts as a bread crumb trail. If you want to see this layer move you can a refresh interval for this layer which will update the layer automatically in the web map.

2) Renderers and Predefined options. The renderer can be authored in ArcMap or in AGOL when you are creating the hosted service. In ArcMap you can take you layer and customize the renderer and when you publish it up to AGOL the renderer will go with it. In AGOL you can add this layer to the web map and under the layer properties you can change the renderer there. Once you change the renderer on the layer click Save Item Properties and this will update the service with the new renderer.

The predefined options come from your data model defined by a feature class that can be inside a geodatabase in ArcGIS Desktop. Using the geodatabase and the feature class you can set up a series of subtypes and domains which can give you these "pick lists" in your data collection form. Once you have defined your data model you can publish up a hosted service to AGOL.

This tutorial can help you out:

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