Android using Collector Beta not submitting

01-17-2020 10:35 AM
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I am having an issue with an Android device collecting data using Collector Beta (if there is a subpage for beta questions please direct me there). I can collect on my web maps and iOS devices using Collector and Classic. Collector Beta on the Android allows updating data that was already collected, but not adding new points. It will open the table to add data to the feature, but when submit is selected the wheel just turns and the request is never completed. The Android device can collect on Collector Classic. I recently updated the feature layer in the map, but all editing settings are the same and the map still works on iOS devices. Anyone having this problem or know of a possible solution?

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by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

Since you are using the Collector Beta, could you please post in the forum of the  Collector Early Adopter community? That way the right people from the team see it, as well as other beta participants who might be experiencing similar things. Thanks!

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