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AGOL Filter removes layer in Collector - Offine mode

04-15-2016 09:45 AM
Regular Contributor


-Filtering a feat. service layer in AGOL removes it from the offline map in iOS Collector 10.3.9

-Online map works as-expected iOS Collector 10.3.9


1. Feat. service hosted on Server 10.3.1

2. Feat. service secured using tokens

3. Feat. service added as item to AGOL, store credentials with item

4. Add item to AGOL webmap

5. Apply a filter to the feat. service layer (small icon under the feat. service layer in AGOL table of contents)

6. Filter works as expected

7. Save map and download to iOS Collector 10.3.9

8. The feat. service layer that you filtered in AGOL is missing from the list of layers to collect data into

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