AGO Web Map Default Ordering in Feature Related Table

04-19-2016 11:14 AM
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Is there a way to determine the default ordering when viewing a feature's related records in an ArcGIS Online web map?

The case is that when in Collector viewing a feature's related table, we want to sort the related records by a date field. In the web map pop-up configuration it has a setting to sort based on a field, but when opening this setting for the table, the resulting sort field options are from the feature class and not the table itself.

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Hi Kyle,

did you try this: on the pop-up configuration panel for your map layer that has a related table, at the bottom of the panel there's a button "Sort Options". That should let you choose a sort field from the related table.


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Thanks Tobias,

I did get this to work. It's odd, my intuition tells me that tables would be sorted through configuring the table pop-up settings rather than the related point layer.

Thank you for your help!


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How did you get this to work? I used the sort options in my popup but its not respected. Its a date/time field and they are strange in ArcGIS Online already, in the fact they do not show up correctly, so maybe that is why they are not respecting the default sort order I have set. I will try with another field type to see if its date but sort should work for everything IMO, but then again I think dates should look like dates in a web map too!

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I am also having issues with the sort options for related records. Similarly, the sort settings do not do what they're supposed to. In my case i'm trying to sort related records by a date field ascending chronologically. Did you come up with a solution? I'm wondering if it has to do with how the data may or may not be sorted initially before publishing.

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This solved it for me! You must do this on the parent feature layer for your related table. If you do this on the related table it does not sort on Collector. Doing this on the feature layer the table is related to, it sorts it on collector :) thank you Tobias!

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Was anybody able to figure out how to sort the records correctly? I go the sorting options within the main layer, but its like the sort options aren't respected in the popup?

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