After creating a disconnected local copy, how do I use that layer to overwrite/replace the existing layer that's in a geodatabase?

09-16-2016 06:01 AM
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We are using Collector with an external GNSS receiver to gather points on water line repairs, hydrants, valves, etc. After we have gathered additional points or updated points, I would like to take the updated layer from AGOL and update/replace the layer on our local machine that's running desktop basic. So I connect to the hosted services from within Arc Desktop, add that layer to the local desktop. I then create a Local Copy for Editing and disconnect that copy from the server. I now have the layer on my local machine and the domain structure is preserved. So I have two layers that are the identical in arc desktop. The copied layer is the up-to-date layer from AGOL. The one contained on the local machine is the original, out-of-date layer. I want to simply replace or write over the out-of-date info with the up-to-date info. The old layer is in a geodatabase on our server that contains many layers, and the new layer is contained in a geodatabase on my C: drive. What's the best way to replace the old with the new and still maintain the Domain? I have tried importing the disconnected layer by right clicking within the "master" geodatabase in arc desktop and clicking import, and that works, but I loose the symbols and also the domain information. The layer is a Hydrant layer that we use for inspection and we change the color of the hydrant symbol to indicate whether the hydrant is Good, Marginal, needs Repair, or Replaced. Just trying to figure this workflow out and make it simple. water systems agol tools collector gnss water utilites

Thanks for any help.


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