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01-24-2013 09:40 AM
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I've been able to publish a collector service by making sure sharing is on then taking the map ID and addng it into the schema below.  Sending the hyperlink email but when I open it to add a feature I don't see the button for adding an attahcment on my IOS device.  the feature serivce is published correctly out of my 10.1 server and tested on a map that was created some time ago.
i've looked at the instructions on publishing and even if try to create a new map - now I don't get the publishing button as the instruction show which then forces me to add the map ID into the schema to open in Collector.

arcgis-collect:// YOUR ARCGIS ONLINE MAP ID HERE/data
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You can add attachments if your feature service has attachment capabilities enabled. If you go to the REST endpoint for that feature service you should check "Has Attachments: True". If this says False it means your feature class in your geodatabase does not have an attachment relationship created. You will need to create this relationship and the re-publish your service to gain this attachment capability. 

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it's set to true - I can add and delete fetures using Arcgis app for IOS or droid with no issue.
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by Esri Regular Contributor
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Just to make sure... it is a point feature service, correct?

Could you share a map with us so that we can take a look?
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its working - you can't start collector then log into a corp vpn service to access the arcgis feature service afterwards.  if you do you have to restart collector.
in the IOS and Droid version of Arcgis you don't need to restart the app for the edit a feature to work.
as for the attachments the rest service is set to "true"

Has Attachments: true
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