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Add other data by x, y coordinate to feature layer on Collector

06-16-2017 02:27 PM
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I have been using Collector to collect data offline for a wildlife survey. I have three editable feature layers that are being used to collect data and photographs. Last week, the tablet failed in the field so data was collected using a Garmin and hand-written field notes. I would like to add these data back into the three appropriate feature layers so that all data collected is in one central location and easy to view on a web map by the many various people involved on this project. I know you can add features from the webmap in AGOL by clicking on the locations and entering information, which will update the feature layers but how do you add features to this from the x,y coordinates? There are not many entries so it wouldn't be hard to enter them by hand if I knew how to do it. 

Thank you. 

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See Peter Nasuti‌'s response at the bottom of this thread.  If you have many entries, you may wish to develop a script to add points to your feature layer using the REST API.