Accidentally add vertex (iOS) when trying to edit attribute feature

05-17-2016 06:19 AM
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On several occasions, I have inadvertently added a vertex to my polyline feature, when I'm simply trying to update a attribute feature by clicking the right-arrow (>) to open the list box. It seems there is a small area just to right edge of the iPad screen to the right of the right-arrow that I keep adding a vertex BEHIND the attribute window. Not a big deal to click the "Remove Vertex" or whatever the tool is, but if I'm not paying attention I can very easily screw up my polylines.  I know I need to better train myself to not "aim" for the right-arrow, but I'm finding I'm not the only one in my organization that appears to click the right-arrow.

Is this considered a bug or "design" issue?

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Hi Matt,

That wouldn't be a bug since CREATE is enabled as a capability on the Feature Class. Its behaving as configured.


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by Esri Regular Contributor
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Hi Matt! Thanks for reaching out to us. You are right that the behavior leaves something to be desired, and you aren't the first person to point it out. Bug-000082487​ is logged to get this improved. If you'd like to track that bug, you can call customer support and have them add you to it.

Esri Education Team