A reference web service for Off-line editing in Collector doesn´t download

05-11-2015 10:34 AM
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I have two services from two different geodatabases; one service is editable and the other is used for reference (street names). Both work fine in Collector on line, but when I go off-line only the editable service can be downloaded and the other for reference can not. I need the reference as well as the editable service in Collector off-line. I must not put them in the same Geodata base because they are different themes and it will be against the original geodatabases design. Can somebody help me deal with this issue?

Some extra information

I'm working everything in version 10.3

The base map is the Topo from AOL

My Geodatabases are in a customized projection

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Hi Jorge,

Here are the requirements for offline data usage with Collector:

To author a map for offline use, the map needs to contain the following:

You have the option to enable your street name layer as a feature service, or converting it to a tiled map service (probably the best bet if you're not editing anything).



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Let me try. I'll tell you in a couple of days. Thanks for your help

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Hi Todd

This is Jorge again. Sorry for the delay. We have tried your suggestion, but didn't work. We guest it is a matter of the customised projection our data uses so we will change our projection  From customised-TM to web Mercator. I'll tell you the outcomes next week.


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You could also have the street name service editable and then disallow editing of that service in the Collector map.

Just depends what works best for you.

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Hola Jorge,

Veo que trabajas en el Ecuador, yo tambien. Seria chevere ver como podemos trabajar en desarollar infrastructura GIS en el Ecuador. Ver como podemos crear Data para uso en nuestros analysis y para hacer mas eficiente nuestro gobierno.




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Claro que si

Trabajo en Quito

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