Yes/No sliders on Collector forms

10-22-2015 10:32 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Support Yes/No or True/False sliders or checkboxes on Collector forms.  This would be particularly helpful in quickly collecting damage assessment information and would be faster than using picklist domains. 


Hello Scott,

Thank you for submitting this idea. In the example you've outlined above, what is the schema of your data? How are you currently collecting this data?

When supporting this idea please consider commenting to include your organization's use case and how this would affect your workflows.




It's quicker to fill in the attributes.


One way we use Collector is to record data about a population of wild plants at the time of seed collection. We record information on the phenology of the population - i.e. is the plant population in a vegetative state, a flowering state, does it have mature fruit, has the fruit dehisced, etc. Each of these stages is a separate field that is populated by a yes or no answer. It would be much more efficient to have a simple yes/no slider for recording this information rather than constantly having to select from drop down menus for each field. (Although, even easier would be to have smart logic such as with Survey123 where you can show a list of attributes, in our case life stages of plant populations, and check/uncheck each one based on whether it is present or not... but as that isn't possible with Collector, using sliders for simple yes/no questions is the second best option for streamlining data collection)


We have considered using Collector to record storm damage and asset inventory for an electric utility.  There are several key attributes that are can be answered with simple Yes/No responses.  Our test schema uses a coded domain field with Yes and No values.  Currently it take multiple clicks/taps to set the field value.  1)Tap the attribute field and a dialog window opens displaying the domain options; 2)Select "Yes" from the domain list; 3)Confirm selection and close dialog window by tapping "Done".  This all take time and over hundreds of data points, slows down field collection.

We would like to see more advanced form controls in Collector.  Survery123 does have some nice options that hopefully could be ported over to the Collector app.  I'm unsure if Boolean data types are supported in ArcMap/Server for use as attribute values.  We would set False/No as the default and the user would simply toggle those fields to True/Yes as appropriate.