Support fields that require unique values in Collector app

11-24-2016 02:44 PM
Status: Open
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It would be great to be able to use fields that require unique values in the Collector app.  We are editing a streetlight poles dataset in the field using Collector, and each pole has a unique PoleID.  New poles that are added get assigned a new PoleID (by the person manually at this time as auto-number fields are not supported by Collector either).  They have a system for assigning numbers but occasionally we get duplicates.  It would be helpful if we could constrain the field to only allow unique values within the Collector app.  If we set up an index on the feature class in ArcCatalog that only allows unique values it works great in ArcGIS Desktop but is not supported by Collector.

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Why have a user enter this at all? You might consider post-processing this until a version of "attribute assistant" is available for the arcgis platform. There are bigger problems when considering the potential for multiple users and the possibility of disconnected states in Collector/Mobile. We have the same problem with sde geodatabase unique fields as they are not supported in a multi-user environment so the only solution for us has been attribute assistant and/or post processing the generation of the ID's.