Provide an ability to take back up or transfer the content that is downloaded when a web map is downloaded for offline editing in collector app from one device to other device.

04-30-2014 05:21 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Suppose a web is downloaded on a device for offline editing some how the device got corrupt or there are issues with the device itself. all the collection made on that device is lost so if an ability to tranfer the content from one device to other can be provided or some how an ablity to take the backup. it might save the work that has been done on that device.
I thisnk taking the back up of the ArcGIS_collector folder might work but not sure if any proper documentation is there on it or not.
This is a good idea, as I have field staff who are concerned with losing data if the device is damaged or lost and would like to be able to back up in the field without internet.
If you are using an iOS device, this can be accomplished right now, via iTunes.  Open your iTunes, find your device, find the apps that have on-device storage, find Collector, and you'll see a list of all the data that has been stored on that device - databases and basemaps.  iTunes can transfer this data onto your computer, and then onto a different device if necessary.