Mobile Symbology >> must support arrow - direction of flow for infrastructure mapping

11-02-2011 07:32 AM
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Since the primary users of stormwater infrastructure data are field personnel, and Mobile is meant to provide a way of distributing data to field personnel...  in the case of stormwater infrastructure... the direction of flow should be easily interpreted through the available symbology.  Currently, I don't see a way to provide symbology that allows for a user to easily interpret the mapped direction of flow for a channel/pipe/pond reach/etc. 

Let me suggest that efforts include development of more complex symbology that supports such things as symbolizing direction of a line.  Thanks

From the documentation...

ArcGIS Mobile supports simple line symbols, character line symbols, and hash line symbols, but it does not support marker line symbols nor line decorations like arrows on the endpoints of lines, for example.

NEWS FLASH!!!!  Just by chance, I discovered a workaroung that works just after posting the idea/problem/development need

So... Here it is >>>>>  just use hash marks and offset & angle at 45 degrees and 315 degrees to form an arrow.  The combination of elements creates the effect of an arrow >>> and POOF!!  problem solved.  Thankya Very Much
even better >> put the hash mark angles at 330 degrees and 30 degrees... offset appropriately and wha-la!!  itta works!  itsa fixed!  datsa good...
Alas... the workaroung does not work...  and I thought we had come so far since ArcIMS... oh well >> maybe it's best since those who believe water flows uphill will be none the wiser

Yes - directional arrows (line decorations) are a frequent requirement in the utilities sector, which is a major user of mobile solutions.

It should not be necessary to customise in order to get this working in the ArcGIS for windows mobile solution.
Just to update my previous comment with the full weight of a major utility in the UK. Severn Trent Water have asked for flow arrows on Sewer assets, as they have in all other Esri based GIS solutions that have been implemented. It has been difficult to inform them that this isn't supported and requires customisation.
Again, it seems like quite a basic requirement for any utility-based mobile GIS solution, for which there is a big market in the UK and around the world.
sigh...and yet another ESRI fail where the software engineers are disconnected from the users.
Yes, it would be helpful for public works personnel in the field to be able to discern from Collectof which way a water / sewer / stormwater pipe is flowing.