Merge multiple basemap downloads in Collector

10-10-2016 12:20 PM
Status: Open
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My group operates in a large area (National Forest) and has need of Imagery basemaps with high resolution. We can download several (25) separate Imagery basemaps to the level we desire to cover our work area, but then we cannot easily differentiate them from one another to know which area each of them covers. One of the Ideas posted on GeoNet is adding the ability to label the basemaps in Collector to solve that problem. However, other map applications have the ability to add tiles to an existing downloaded map, effectively merging the basemap downloads to be used seamlessly over a large area. I have seen instances where the download manager is 'smart' and will only download tiles that do not already exist on the device. Using this method, you can either add area (extent) to a map or even add resolution (map detail) to an existing downloaded basemap. This would be a great solution to our problem, bypassing the need to label the basemaps or even to change basemaps when moving to other areas. It would also be more efficient as far as device memory; currently we have to overlap the basemap coverage to avoid having to change maps frequently when our route crisscrosses the edge of the basemap coverage. It would also add the ability to tailor the downloaded basemap coverage to irregular shapes, rather than the standard square.

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It would be useful for our users if extra tiles and levels could be added to an existing basemap.tpk. Users could download the extra tiles to their basemap whilst online and then proceed going offline in their work area not having to deal with numerous basemaps.