Improved Collector App log in workflow

06-06-2014 11:52 AM
Status: Open
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I was a heavy user of the first ArcGIS app on IOS and Android.  The work flow for signing in for tha app involved "clicking" on the "sign in" button and entering in your user name and password.  With the release of Collector for ArcGIS, the workflow has been altered abit, which I believe makes things a bit confusing.  When you open Collector, the first screen shows a box where you can accept the default "" or if you "X" that out, you can put your organizational account here.  Next you click on the "Continue" button.  No matter if you put your organizational url or accept the default (  the next screen is the username and password.  Once you have put in your credentials it automatically opens the app up to the "Maps" page.

So, why again is there that first screen?  I say remove it and have a normal login screen with UN and PW,  Creating the first screen just complicates and confuses field staff that are use to the app just opening up and working. Please remove it if possible.



Why not enable settings in Collector knows or remembers to what portal/ ALOL / organisation it should login in to. The most common support issues is to help the user to login (4-5 steps to remember is to much)

The competing software companies have this as an selling argument why we shouldn´t use Collector.


Login process is cumbersome and newer versions of the app do remember previous portal URLs


I agree - it is cumbersome - but it could be made easier.

Right now the user need to:

click on AGOL,

Click on Corporate,

type corporate adress,

click on organisation,

type email and password. 

Why not remember that the user logged in that way and next time Collector wants to login ask: Do you want to login as you use to do?  If Yes - let the user type in Email and Password. If no - let the user to the five step of cumbersome login. 


Hello Johan,

Thank you for sharing this information. Which version of Collector are you currently using, and what platform are you on? Is it possible to include screenshots of the pages you find to be cumbersome or unnecessary?




We use iOS 10.0.2 and Collector 10.4.0 Update 1402


The users get most problem with screen 2 (Slide 2), Slide 3 and Slide 4.   

If a common user have 30 different applications - they can´t remember 30 x 5 ways to do a login.


Our frustration is after the last user removes his or her login, the collector app (on our Android tablet) no longer remembers our portal connection and the new user must type in the url of our portal connection before logging in. 

We don't want one user choosing to log in as another so we have our users remove their login after the return from the field and sync with our portal.  But the next morning when a different user grabs the tablet he or she is stuck typing in the portal url before logging in.  It would be nice if we could configure and remember the url of our portal but not the user credentials. 

Our work around is to have a dummy account that has no access to any items in our portal.  This user is never removed and only exists so that the portal connection remains in the recent connection list.  But this is basically a wasted named user just so we can allow the user to choose our portal url and sign in.  If some one has a better way I would sure like to hear from you.