Improve Opening Pop-Ups in Collector

07-20-2020 03:03 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

To open a pop-up in Collector, the individual feature must be tapped on to be selected. When multiple features are in close proximity, a second tap is required to select the specific feature from a list. This limits the speed at which attributes can be viewed and features edited. This makes reviewing data on the fly difficult. A better and faster way to open pop-ups should be implemented into the Collector App.

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Two initial suggestions come to mind:

  • Automatically open feature pop-up when in specified distance from feature. This would likely depend on GPS accuracy and distance between features, but would allow for pop-ups to be opened without user action.
  • Navigate to next record/previous record buttons. Pop-ups would be configured to be sorted by a field and would be brought up in the determined order.This would allow pop-ups to be opened without having to tap on each individual feature.