Global Setting for Collector for ArcGIS

02-06-2017 09:56 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

From a user stand point with one device and multiple users of that device.  It would be great, if there were some global settings for all users.  Specifically, when it comes to "Location" settings under a profile.  First up, there should be a log out button, so different users do not have to remember to switch users, especially for those of us that do not want to mess with over arching profiles for the device.  Second, regardless of who is signed in, the location options should push through.  It should not be specific to a user that, "this user is going to use the high accuracy GPS, and user gets the default on the device."  This is because if you have a high accuracy GPS receiver that will pair with the device, why not use it, and allow the user to choose not to use it.  That way instead of setting up different profiles and having to go back in and set up the location profile, it is a global setting regardless of who is signed-in.  One and done.