Freehand Drawing Tool for Collector

03-11-2019 06:50 AM
Status: Open
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Similar to this three year old idea, it would be incredibly useful if our users were able to freehand sketch lines and polygons on Collector for ArcGIS. Our previous workflow utilized OruxMaps. Particularly for sketching avian flights paths, they would press their finger on the map and trace the flight path as the bird was in flight. As we move forward to an Esri focused solution, we have found this difficult to achieve.

This workflow is nearly impossible with Collector. They have to either a) Start streaming and run around in a circle (not going to happen) or b) Try and tap a ton of vertices to create the continuous line (inaccurate and time consuming). Oftentimes our field techs won't draw the circles and the data is no longer representative of the true flight path.

Thanks for reading!

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I voted this up. FYI, in the new version/beta of Collector, it's even worse, so please also vote up this idea to help bring back sketching directly on the map and hopefully they can add the continuous sketching that you're looking for: Allow a 'Classic' editing experience in current version of ArcGIS Collector 

Our Aviation team that support wildfire initial attack and large incident wildfire have indicated that they need a freehand draw tool to quickly mark up areas of concern while conducting aerial reconnaissance. Currently, the area collection method does not work fast enough. The measure tool functionality may work efficiently enough but even better would be to support drawing with Ipad Pencils.