Fix bug launching Survey123 from Collector (Android)

06-22-2020 01:02 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

It is possible to launch Survey123 and open a form from Collector for ArcGIS using a link to the Survey123 form in a pop-up. This process is described in Esri's online documentation here. All seems to works exactly as described when working w/ iOS (e.g., Collector 20.2.1, Build 2844; Survey123 version 3.9.149 ) but problems arise when using Android devices (e.g., Collector 20.2.0, Build 2952, Survey123 version 3.9.149).  Specifically, the hyperlink does not function as a hyperlink (typically shown in blue font) but is displayed simply as text (gray font).


There is a simple workaround for this which is to use a custom attribute display when configuring your pop-up and then putting the link to Survey123 there as a hyperlink.  The process is described in this GeoNet post.


Still, this seems like a simple fix to make on Esri’s part and could save developers lots of wasted time if resolved.  Please vote this up to tell Esri to fix it!