Filter fields on Feature layer directly in Collector

10-18-2016 12:49 AM
Status: Open
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Make possible to filter a field on a Feature layer directly in Collector to have only those entities on the map.

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This is a great idea.  Our field staff has requested this type of functionality, so they can locate find certain records.  Since the current search functionality is limited to a single field, sometimes it's difficult for them to find specific types of records.  


Thank you for submitting this idea! When voting for this, please consider sharing how you would use this functionality or how it would improve your current workflows. Your examples will help us better understand what is being requested, but also ensure more perspectives are included.

How many fields would you like to search on for a feature layer? What kind of information is included in these fields? What kinds of queries would your field workers have where two or more fields might contain the information they are looking for?




I would like this functionality to filter a feature layer to show the most recent data because there may be a number of coincident and almost coincident polygons at a particular location.  I realize I could filter this data before publishing but it may be useful to view the historical data in the field.  It would be good to filter on more than one field for example:

JOB_DATE > '21-FEB-2018' AND STATUS = 'Active'




Absolutely voting for this.

For several apps I need the functionality of easy 'end user' filtering, unfortunately, I also need the ability to download and use offline in remote locations. 

Collector has the offline functionality - but the only way to filter is on the PC > save > this will reflect filters in collector, albeit using the WebMap that shows all layers and basic layout. This isn't adjustable in the field, so prior planning and some user knowledge is required.

Apps have the filtering functionality - but are only accessible online in the browser.

Let us use apps in collector 


Hi All,

Our users definitely need this functionality, so two thumbs way up! The current layer that they are populating contains over 10,000 records and should reach 25,000 by the end of next year. They need a way to remove all the noise and focus on the two or three competitors they are currently entering or updating.




Our field staff has also requested this functionality for similar reasons - - the layer they are working on is quite large and it would be better for them to filter out everything that is not relevant to them at that moment.


We work in remote Alaska where there is absolutely no wifi available, interviewing indigenous people about their hunting, fishing and vegetation gathering activities.  We collect hundreds of points, lines and polygons, where most of them end up overlapping.  It gets to be so that we can't find a particular record to edit it, and adding new data becomes not only confusing, but the people being interviewed are seeing where others hunt and fish and tell us "that's close enough", so the current Collector setup is leading to collection bias.  Being able to filter by an attribute would allow us to only have the data we are working on show up in the app.  I have to say that Collector Classic was much better for our use than the new version of Collector, all we need is the ability to filter by attribute in Classic while offline, and it will be perfect.