Configure filters or searches in Collector

03-21-2019 04:51 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

In ArcGIS Mobile for Windows you could configure searches so the user could say, return a list of all the inspections in a particular status, either in their map extent or for the full extent.  This would be great functionality to have in Collector.  The search function that you can configure in the web map doesn't let you filter by extent, plus you can only have one field per layer.

Something just like the filter widget in the web map or in web apps is what's needed.  In mobile for windows you could even write your own queries, but at minimum I think it's useful if they can be configured for all users.


This option would be so helpful for data collection that I do.  We do a lot of collection inside buildings with multiple floors.  being able to filter the data and floorplans at the same time (like the group filter in web app builder) would make this type of collection so much easier! 


I have gotten this request from field workers twice.  As far as I can tell this is not available yet, but it would be nice!  


This would be helpful! 


Agreed, I really hope this is added to future Collector releases.