Collector freehand feature capture template

01-04-2016 03:42 PM
Status: Open
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It would be very useful if the freehand and auto-complete freehand digitising options were available in Collector for ArcGIS editing templates.

Capturing contiguous polygons with detailed shapes such as vegetation, land zones and management areas is tricky in Collector as the tolerance for adding a new vertex vs moving the previous vertex makes quick digitisation of boundaries very slow. Given that there are many tablets with accurate styluses out there (e.g. the Samsung S-Pen and Microsoft Surface pen), it would be far more efficient and intuitive for our ecologists to freehand draw these features. 

Related to the idea here  it would also be useful if the auto-complete freehand tool was available as fixing the hundreds of tiny overlaps and gaps between polygons in ArcMap is incredibly time consuming and tedious.
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Great idea! This functionality would be extremely helpful with geologic mapping.