Collector App won't submit data collected outside of downloaded work area

10-22-2015 12:17 PM
Status: Open
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When using Collector in the field, the phone/tablet GPS shows your location regardless of whether you are inside the area of map you downloaded or not. On Tuesday I needed to collect something just outside of my downloaded work area, which I underestimated in my initial map download.  The App allowed me to record information and took a point, but when I hit submit, gave me the message "Location Warning- feature is outside your work area" with no option to submit the data.

Why, if the GPS is working and is displaying my location, and the app allows me to record the data, can I not submit it just because the data is outside the downloaded map area? I think that we should still be able to submit this data to be stored on the device until syncing.


Hello Danielle,

Thank you for submitting this idea! This is likely expected behavior, since the area chosen at the time the data was downloaded is the bounding box for the offline dataset (and its associated replica maintained in the database).

How often does this present a problem for you? Did you encounter any issues collecting the data or saving your edits on the device? Or did you only encounter error messages when you attempted to sync?



PS: when voting for this idea, please consider sharing your perspective on this workflow. Is this something you've encountered in the past?


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. I'd say this is an occasional problem for our field staff. sometimes they download a smaller area of interest than they anticipate needing (in the case if my initial idea, we found a rare plant on the way to where we were going/the downloaded map area), or they might decide to expand their field searches beyond what they've downloaded but don't encounter an area of service or wifi to sync and re-download a new map. So not a "must have" but would definitely be a nice feature. 

The app allowed me to collect the data, but not save the edits to the device if it was outside of the downloaded area. When I hit submit, I get the message "Location Warning: Feature is outside your work area" and then no options to do anything further.




I am getting the same error, BUT this is happening while i am working inside my downloaded work area.


I would recommend contacting Esri Technical Support or posting a new question in the Collector for ArcGIS‌ / Mobile GIS‌ spaces.