Collector App- bring back magnifier while measuring

01-17-2019 02:35 PM
Status: Open
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The magnifier with cross-hairs no longer appears when measuring if you press your finger on the map for a beat in the new Collector. This was a useful feature in classic and it would be nice if the option were added to the new app as well.

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I support this 100%. Our crews used that feature extensively in the Classic App (which is no longer supported on their Android tablets) for their field work and maintenance, and have made numerous complaints regarding it's absence in the newest Collector App - which we're now forced to utilize. These are guys that are very set in their ways, and getting them to use technology is a pain enough as it is. When you change superficial things like this that doesn't hurt anything to leave in, it creates headaches where there doesn't need to be any at the ground level. I can change with the times, but not everyone we work with who isn't a GIS person wants a new interface to learn with every revision.