Change camera app inside the collector app

03-25-2015 07:19 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Problem: Internet Explorer cannot read the EXIF data from images. So, if you take a picture upside down within the collector app and you will open this attachment later on your desktop, Internet Explorer will show this also up-side-down.


Esri solution: Take your picture not with the standard camera app from your i-pad, but use instead for instance ‘Camera +’.


My proposal is to make it possible to set a default camera application within the collector app.

Yes, I use the Theodolite app extensively because it puts the information I and others need on the photo from the start. It also allows me to send an email if i choose with all this info taged on the photo along with a kml file. Geocord, time, elevation, azimuth-bering, horizontal angle, elevation angle etc.  I want this as my default camera app in Collector and I dont want to have to attche the file.  ESRI help us link the apps together or default our camera app choices.

I use Context Camera to embed the coordinates into the image for legal purposes.  It would be great to set that as the default instead of having to relate the points to images later in a web application.