Autocomplete Fields in ArcGIS Collector

07-14-2017 11:36 AM
Status: Open
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The Need:

Those considering moving to ArcGIS Collector for mobile data collection who have been using handheld devices with Trimble TerraSync or a similar software are familiar with certain fields auto-populating with values (File names, date and time the feature was collected, Location coordinates, etc.). When moving to Collector, they lose this ability. Enabling editor tracking records the date and time, however, if they are offline, this date/ time may not be accurate. Tracking which user collected each feature is also difficult without the user typing in their user name. Editor tracking only provides "Esri_Anonymous". While individual operating systems provide some good date/time pickers, this still means the user has to provide input for something that the device should already be aware of. 

The Idea:

In order to not have to take a step backward while taking a step forward in our data collection efforts, it would be good to be able to configure an app intended for use in Collector so that fields can be AUTOPOPULATED using a few different methods. 

  1. From a list of system values: Date, Time, Date and Time, System/device name, etc.
  2. From AGOL user information: Username, Organization, etc.
  3. From location information: Lat, Lon, X, Y in various formats (dec deg., dms, etc)

Hello Doug Green,

Thank you for submitting this idea!

If you haven't already, could you take a look at Arcade Expressions and Some of the information you would like to auto-populate may already be available via Arcade. 

However, it looks like you have a separate issue with editor tracking. The username and editing timestamps can already be recorded, and should reflect the actual times (even when offline). If you are seeing "Esri_Anonymous" and incorrect timestamps, this could warrant a case with support to dig deeper.

Another option to consider is Survey123 for ArcGIS. Due to its reliance on XLSforms, Survey123 provides more control over calculations and data entry than Collector at this time. Depending on your project requirements, there may be other routes available.




Hi Scott,

I'd just like to confirm that it is not possible to auto populate field with x and y coordinates? I looked through the links you posted above and I can't seem to find anything using Arcade expressions to accomplish this. It would be a huge help for using Collector at my company.



Any response to this? I was looking for a way to allow the user to autopopulate xy data when filling out related table to a point feature.


This is something that would be very useful for geological field mapping i.e. Conditional Drop Down menus

If the mapper selects one option, it limits the user's option for the next set.

For example:

1st Option Pick  in red: Rock Type: Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary then

limits the the next set of options to just those in red (below)

Grain Size: Fine, Coarse, Clastic

Rock Code: Basalt, Rhyolite, Dacite, Andesite etc.