Allow removal of map area but not basemap

07-13-2019 11:38 AM
Status: Open
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In the new Collector for iOS it would be great to provide the ability to remove the offline map from your device without removing the basemap as well. That way a basemap can be re-used on another map without being downloaded again. This feature existed in the Classic Collector app for iOS ( and it is missed in the new app.

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When setting up Collector on a mobile device for offline use, one must now re-download a base map each time schema changes are applied to an instance.  The base map, in each case, is approximately 2 GB.  This is very challenging for our field staff when all they have for broadband access are mobile hotspots.  The Classic version of Collector allowed the user to remove features only.  This option needs to be included in the new Collector as soon as possible.