Add label for cluster point

02-14-2019 03:53 AM
New Contributor II

When adding labeled points in the old Version and then zooming out, labels diappeared randomly. Even when zooming back in, moving the map and then zooming back out other labels diasppeared than before.

Our clients' workaround is printing out the map and adding the missing labels by hand which is a big issue for us and our clients. We've raised this before.

Runtime 100 brought the feature of auto clustering points when zooming out. But this one looses all the labels so our our clients would still have to print it out and still add missing labels by hand on the print other than seeing it straight away.

So please consider adding a label to the cluster point (which is printable), preferably auto-using all the labels of the points in this cluster.

This would add a lot of value to your product.

Thank you.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to label the cluster with a "cluster name" -- a shortened version of the labels used by each of the points -- or another simple name for map clarity.  Simply having a cluster count is very minimally helpful.


I have had an issue with this in ArcGIS Online which will give popups but does not label at all. 

I use my maps in conjunction with Dashboard and honestly some of my users will not click on the map at all which leaves them looking at a dull map especially when paired with a very impressive interface that Dashboard offers.

Adding labels may at least peak their interest so they will click on the point data to see who are represented by the clustered feature.

What I have is something like below.

What I would like to have is something like this...

Thanks so much!