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06-05-2017 06:52 PM
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On June 5th, we released a new version of Collector that is now available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and the Windows Store.

This is a minor update but adds some strategic new enhancements that will improve the way you work with high accuracy GPS receivers, manage attachments, work with basemaps and use Collector in a connected environment.

GPS Averaging –  can be used to improve the precision of your high-accuracy collection workflows. You can capture a number of positions and create a location from the average of those positions.

Rename Media Attachments -  now you can provide a meaningful name to the photos that you take around a feature. This is one of the most requested enhancements.

SD card support (Android) -  you can use the SD card to store and manage basemaps for easier, faster deployment of data.

Continuous Collect Improvements -  now supporting feature types that contain relationship classes.

Layer Refresh Support -  if your feature layers have a layer refresh interval set, Collector will honor the refresh setting. This is valuable when working with maps in a connected state as the graphics of a feature are cached when on the device and this will force a query/update.

In addition to these updates, we have several additional bug fixes and minor stability improvements. Please refer to our documentation website for more information.

The Collector Team

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Great stuff ... looking forward to future releases!!

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Issue: CDV become unsorted in pull down list

Testing this new version, it seems the Coded Domain Values become out of sequence on Android.  

On IOS they remain sorted properly.

Version 10.4.2 for Android did not have this issue.


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Oh collector so close yet so far.  Why not let me pick the directory?  I already have my tpks on the card BUT it is in a directory named something different than ArcGIS_Collector.  This now requires me to either change my other program or have then all on there twice.

Please consider changing this to let me chose ANY directory in any location.  I have a 3rd party app that has had this ability for years.


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Appreciate the feedback and comments and sorry for any frustration this has caused. We have had challenges finding an appropriate solution given the nuances/changes found in Android OS versions and our requirement to support as far back as Android 4.1. What we implemented seemed a compromise we could come to in the short term.

We do have in our backlog to improve the way we work with SD cards as we evolve Collector. Thank you for being passionate users and voicing your feedback. 


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Is it expected behaviour that the layers in the Collector app on my phone only refresh if I move the map around and force it to redraw? We have a Feature Layer in AGOL being updated through GeoEvent. The refresh interval has been set on the layer in the AGOL map and I can see the points moving but I can only see the features move in the collector app if I zoom in and out.


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Jeremy, I found a solution on this thread (, which was provided by Adam Olson on April 24, 2015.  After spinning my wheel for 4 hours, his screenshots were EXACTLY what I needed to know, and solved my problem.  I don't know why this information isn't explicitly listed in the "Go offline" instructions (, and, but I want to thank Adam for his post.  I hope this is helpful to others.

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Hi Shauna-Rae -- You should also see information about using basemaps on the SD card in the "Go offline" instructions, in the section Use basemaps on your device: Go offline—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS. From the link you posted, it appears you were looking at the help for going offline with Windows, not Android, which takes different steps.

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