Where to source a .jgw world file for a Google Earth Satellite .jpg?

10-07-2016 07:58 AM
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Hi all,

I'm completely new to all this so bear with me. In order to generate a model from a .osm file I am following the instructions at this link. However I'm stuck at the 'Add a map layer with satellite imagery' section. I have saved a .jpg file from Google Earth but from here I don't know how to go about sourcing a .jpw world file for that .jpg image. 

On a scale of one to ten I probably know zero about GIS, I wanted to use this tool to create a quick city model but I'm feeling maybe I'm out of my depth with this tool. 

Any feedback would be much appreciated. 



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Actually, there is a relatively new feature called Get Map Data in CityEngine 2016.0 and 2016.1 (the two most recent versions).  This allows you to create 3D city models quickly and easily from OSM data.  Maybe this tool will work for your needs?  You can select a region on a map, and it automatically downloads the basemap, elevation data, and OSM data (building footprints and/or street networks) and aligns it all.  In 2016.1, there is a rule already assigned to the footprints, so you can just select them all and generate.

File -> Get Map Data

search for your city -> select a region on the map

choose a basemap

check the box to download elevation data (if you want it - needs arcgis organizational account)

check the box(es) to download OSM data (polygons for building footprints, networks for streets)

select all building polygons -> generate

Check out the help page for more detailed instructions:

Get map data from ArcGIS Online / Portal 

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