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When inserting obj file i scales

12-12-2016 12:52 AM
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I have a problem, I want to insert an obj file into my CE scene, I have created an Oshape but when I use the import function, it inserts the object into the area, but it has been moved a bit, the obj file is just a flat surface created in rhino with lower left corner in (0,0).

as you can see there is a small cap between the white area and the read along the straight edge. Here is the code

attr detentionVolume = 100

attr z1 = 10
attr x1 = 10
attr D1 = 1
attr x = 0
attr z = 0

attr waterPond_Z = 10
attr waterPond_X = 10


         WaterPondN0101 --> // Creates an Oshape with the front width and right width of the wing
         set (x, // and the width and lenght of the center shape.
         set (z,
         set (detentionVolume, detentionVolume * 1.42713)
         set (waterPond_X, detentionVolume/(waterPond_Z*D1))
         report ("Vol",detentionVolume)
         shapeO (z1,x1,(z-z1-waterPond_Z),(x-x1-waterPond_X )) {shape : BldgFootprint | remainder : WaterPondN0102          WaterPondEdge01}

WaterPondN0102 -->
         i ("Pond/Pond_02.obj")                                   (This insert is wrong)

WaterPondEdge01 -->
         s ('1,'1,'1)
         i ("Pond/Pond_02_scope.obj")                         (This insert is wrong)

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Esri Regular Contributor

Sorry, I don't see anything wrong in the screenshot.  But, there are different options that you can choose when inserting objects, and maybe one of these would help.  With the default insert mode alignSizeAndPosition, the object is scaled to the scope.  Then, you can make a scope with the size you want.  If you want to keep the original asset size, you can use keepSizeAndPosition or keepSizeAlignPosition.

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