Use Texture wizard with BuildingConstruction.cga

10-23-2013 07:55 AM
Esri Contributor
I have building footprints with the Redlands BuildingConstruction.cga rules applied. I've extruded the buildings based on Height. When I select a single model to apply a custom texture (facade picture from digital camera), it only applies it to the roof, and not from the street view where the picture was taken.

How can I use the BuildilngConstruction.cga and still incorporate custom textures (digitial photos) as facades to some select models?
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You could try right-clicking on the CGA-generated model, and click "Convert Models to Shapes", then you can apply textures to individual faces. But, once you've taken this too far, you might not have enough Undos to back out of this - so make a backup copy of the project first.

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