Use OpenFlight format in Esri CityEngine

11-23-2014 12:40 AM
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Hi everyone,

I have the following formats and I want to use them in Esri City Engine :

* .flt (FLT File) - OpenFlight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* .rgb (SGI Image) & .rgb.attr(ATTR File)

Do you have any idea on how to use these into Esri CityEngine because it seems to me that these files formats are not a possibility in the software itself.

Is there any workaround to this involving ETL tools or models? If Yes, please give me the details

Otherwise, please provide a suitable solution to have this data on Esri CityEngine.

Ref. CityEngine 2012.1 Advanced.


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Hey ..

To use that data, you need to convert to either OBJ or DAE.

CE has no support for OpenFlight data...

About the picture file formats, I'd try to stick to the default file formats like jpg, tif, png, ..Image attribution an other related metadata is not supported (other than georeferencing info).

Cheers !


Matthias Buehler

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Thank you for your quick response Matthias !

By the way, do you think ETL tools could be helpful doing these transformations :

* FLT to OBJ or

* FLT to DAE

as per your experience?

I have found some converters online but I don't much trust these, due to how sensitive is the data that I am using


I just discovered that there is this function in ArcMap which is importing 3D formats which includes also (.flt) format as well which is quite interesting also for me at this stage.

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Please help here !

Thank you,

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Sorry for the late reply, I missed this post.

I have no experience in these ELT tools. A tool I'd recommend is Okino's 'polytrans' (Okino Computer Graphics Software Products ). Sadly I never had to convert flt data myself.

Does this help a bit ?


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El Boukfaoui Reda,

As you previously mentioned, the 'Import 3D Files' GP tool will allow you to point to the input OpenFlight models. This will create a series of output Multipatches within a File Geodatabase. This is a good option if you have only a few models to import. You could also utilize the 'Import Models' 3D editing workflow if you have already created multipatches that define the real-world position of the input files. Once these Multipatches have been created the 'Multipatch to Collada' GP tool can be used to Convert them into a collection of COLLADA (.dae) files and referenced texture image files in an output folder. CityEngine can directly import the .DAE models and also call on these in .CGA code. The OpenFlight format is not supported as a reader type in Data Interop. Hope this helps.

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