Unable To Import GeoReferenced Data

05-30-2015 08:16 PM
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Hi everybody,

So... I am having some really frustrating problems! I am trying to develop a 3D model of my city but it is really not working because of import problems. I have generated an export of street data from OpenStreet Maps and have loaded them into the scene file and adopted the scene co-ordinates as WGS84 Zone-35 etc... The streets import just fine.

BUT, when I then import terrain data from the same co-ordinates and using exactly the same projection CityEngine gives me an error to say that the data I am trying to load is too far from the current information.

So, despite (as far as I can see) having all the data in exactly the same projection references, all properly georeferenced and sorted, I cannot get all the files to play nicely with each other!

I would really appreciate some help! This is truly frustrating.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Andrew, are you absolutely SURE that your terrain data is created with the exact same coordinate system as the street data? Also, what method did you use to change your street data to the WGS 84 zone 35 projection (which I'm assuming is UTM)? Did you use the Project tool, which is the only method that truly changes the projection of data, and not the define projection tool, or just changing the data frame reference?

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I have had this problem in the past.  I found that if I loaded the terrain data first, ...and secondly drag and drop the OSM download into the scene that it worked.  Good luck.