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Street Creation Settings Help

06-13-2021 05:56 PM
New Contributor

The "Street Creation Settings" dialog box lets me change with of streets and sidewalks but there are no settings for Intersection Parameters in that dialog box. If I can change settings for Intersection Parameters in that dialog box, I don't have to change settings for Intersection Parameters after creating streets. Any suggestions?

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Esri Contributor

Hi @jeffmorris1956,

This currently not possible through the "Street Creation Settings" dialog. There are however two other ways to change the intersection settings:

  • With the "Re-use settings from neighbors" option checked you can start your street drawing from an existing node (with your intersection parameters set-up).
  • You can change the node settings using python. Tutorial 10: Python scripting explains how to change the settings of street segments you just need to adapt the script a little to work with nodes.

Hope this helps.


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