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Split Floors & Facade wizard

10-05-2019 03:20 AM
New Contributor III


I'm struggling for a while trying to do the following steps: i want to A. comp each facade (i'm good with it) then,

B. split each facade (i'm also good with it) then,

C.  use the facade wizard to model the ground floor, and the upper floor "when needed and write one rule to have (the comp & split & the facade wizard output together)

** i read about the import rules and i have a good result with the comp and the split process. 

my Q is: How can I edit the rule to be able to use the facade wizard output with my "facade split parts" (Ground floor & other floors)

1.this rule is for using the facade wizard output to "texture" the facade

 * File:    Test_Facade.cga
 * Created: 21 Sep 2019 10:13:07 GMT
 * Author:  bilald

version "2018.1"

import gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade :"/شارع السهل/rules/gen_Facade_goolge2_cropped.cga"
import gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade1 :"/شارع السهل/rules/gen_Facade_IMG_3451_cropped.cga"
import gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade2 :"/شارع السهل/rules/gen_Facade_السهل 34ب_cropped.cga"
import gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade3 :"/شارع السهل/rules/gen_Facade_السهل34 ج_cropped.cga"
import gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade4 :"/شارع السهل/rules/gen_Facade_السهل 34د_cropped.cga"
import gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade5 :"/شارع السهل/rules/gen_Facade_السهل 34ه_cropped.cga"


attr height = 11 
attr Roof_Ht =2


extrude (height) 

comp(f) {0:Base|1:Roof|2:AA|3:BB|4:CC|5:DD|6:EE|7:FF|8:GG|9:HH|10:II|11:JJ|12:KK|13:LL|14:MM|15:NN|16:OO|17:PP|18:QQ|19:RR|20:SS|21:TT|22:UU|23:VV|24:WW|25:XX|26:YY|27:ZZ|28:AB|29:A|30:AD|31:AE}

            BB--> comp(f) { 2 :gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade3.Facade} 
            CC-->comp(f) { 2 :gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade2.Facade}
            EE-->comp(f) { 2 :gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade.Facade}
            FF-->comp(f) { 2 :gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade4.Facade}

            DD-->comp(f) { 2 :gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade1.Facade}
            GG-->comp(f) { 2 :gen_Facade_AdvancedFacade5.Facade}

2. this is the split rule for facade 

 * File:    Test_Comp_Splitfacade.cga
 * Created: 5 Oct 2019 07:12:04 GMT
 * Author:  Bilal Mustafa

version "2018.1"
attr height = 10
attr groundfloor_height=4
attr floorheight=3

extrude(height) facade


split(y){ groundfloor_height    : Floor(split.index) 	// Groundfloor
			| floorheight : Floor(split.index)   		 	// First Floor			
			| floorheight : Floor(split.index)		 		// Second Floor
			| {~floorheight : Floor(split.index)}*			// Mid Floors
			| floorheight : Floor(999)						// Top Floor, indexed with 999
			| 0.5 : s('1,'1,0.3) LedgeAsset}   				// The top ledge just below the roof


3. this rule to import the "facade comp" and the split together using the import function 

 * File:    import_rules_test.cga
 * Created: 5 Oct 2019 07:28:32 GMT
 * Author: Bilal Mustafa

version "2018.1"

import f1:"extrude_comp.cga"
import f2:"split.cga"

attr height= 4

facade--> extrude (height)
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New Contributor III

Thank you Guys, I fixed my issue

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by Anonymous User
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Glad to hear you got your issue fixed. It would be great to hear more details on how you fixed your issue. 

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