shed roof on L-shape or U-shape

07-25-2019 10:22 PM
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shedroof on L footprint, IdeasI would like to know is there a way to generate a shedroof on a given L-Shaped footprint like in my screenshot (center). The ridge of the shed should align with outer border of the L (typically beeing a border of a lot). Where the two ridges meet, there is a valley. With the standard shedroof function I an only get a shedroof in one direction (left picture). I could of course create two overlapping footprints and create intersecting models. But I guess this is not state of the art. In my case, this procedure would mean an additional 1000+ shapes to create.

As Matt Bühler stated in 2011, it's not possible in CE to select a face, or an Edge and translate it

Selecting those back edges and translating them upwards would have been the simplest way.

So I thought I might split the polygon before importing, but it doesn't do the trick yet.This would only work if I could determine a shed and an edge for each polygon face of the footprint, face1, face2.

Can this be done? Can I select those two polygons individually and assign them a corresponding edge?

Alternatively, does someone have a better suggestion?

Ideally, this should work with a U-shaped footprint as well.

realworld example, shed on an l-shaped footprint

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Sorry, I don't think it's possible to create such a roof with the current cga roof operations.

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