Setting a slider value from within the code

07-16-2013 11:35 PM
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I would like to set the slider value from within the code but then still be able to modify the slider/attribute value manualy affterwards?

Lets say that i have a generic rule which defines several building typologyes. If every typology has a different number of floors i would normaly set the "number_of_floors" attribute within the typology definition to a certain valuey using "set" comand and then extrude.

attr number_of_floors  = 0

Building_type_1 -->

set(number_of_floors, 5)
extrude (floor_height*number_of_floors)

Building_type_2 -->

set(number_of_floors, 3)
extrude (floor_height*number_of_floors)

This should be just a starting point, showing the defalut settup (default number of floors/height) which you should be able to manually edit using parameters afterwards. But in this case the "number_of_floors" attribute gets assigned a certain value within the code and is not possible to edit it with the slider anymore, ie. the modifying the slider values dont affect the model generation anymore. Is there a way just the set, lets say "user" attribute value and not "rule" value?
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Hi ..

CGA can not dictate the attribute source. CGA gets the attribute values to work with.

the Connection Editor dictates, which value is used. There's just the 4 states 'Rule', 'User', 'Object Attr' [[or 'Mapped']].

So in your case, I'd create a second attribute which dictates the source for your attribute of interest.


@Hidden // = generic attribute to transport the info
attr finalValue = 0

@Range ( "Rule", "User", "Object" )
attr useWhichAttr = "Rule"

attr ruleDefaultValue = rand(10,20) // connection : attr source = "rule"

attr userValue = rand(10,20)         // connection : attr source = "user" // = you playing with slider

attr objectAttrValue = 0         // value initialized with 0  // connection : attr source = "object" 

Then :

Lot -->
    case useWhichAttr == "Rule" :
        set(finalValue, ruleDefaultValue )
    case useWhichAttr == "User" :
        set(finalValue, userValue ) 
    else :
        set(finalValue, objectAttrValue )

GoExtrude -->
    extrude( finalValue )

Like this, you control all possibilities.

Ok ?

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Good to know. Thanks.
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