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07-02-2012 09:04 AM
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Hello everybody.

I'm new in Cityengine and I'm trying to model the city I live.
It´s my doc project.

I'm facing a problem at this moment that i could not tell the program what is the face of the lot that is on the street side.
I've used the occlusion (touches), I used a script found here which makes the static shape becomes a dynamic shape by renumbering the vertices but still could not get a satisfactory answer. In some things I've read on the internet, I saw this "set street edge." Does anyone know how to use it? I'm not able to make it work. One difficulty I encountered, including related to the script that renumber the vertices, is that it makes only one side of the lot is returned as street side. Ok! But when the lot is a corner and has two sides to the street? How do I do?

How can I Determine Street Edges/StreetSide of Imported Blocks?

Does anyone have any tips?

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In case you have dynamic shapes (shapes are created automatically from street edges / blocks) you can simply use a CGA rule like this
Lot --> extrude(height) comp(f){streetSide : color(1,0,0) FacadeAtStreet | side : Facade | top : roofHip(20) Roof}

where the compSelector streetSide selects the extruded faces that face a neighboring street edge.

In case your lots/parcels are static shapes (e.g. imported as shapes, not created from street data) you need to manually set the street edges on the shapes.
* drag-select over the edges to be marked as "at street"
* menu -> Shapes -> Set Street Edges
* use the same CGA rule as above.
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additionally to Andi's input :

In the case you want to define the Street Edges for Static Shapes ( imported ) on Dynamic Streets and you have lots of them, so you don't want to fix them all manually, you can also try the Python script in the following thread (of course you need CityEngine Advanced, if you have access to it )
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Thank u, guys!

I'm still work with a static shape. It was imported from the arcgis.

This way: "shape -> set street edge" can help me but i'm work with a very huge city. Manually would take a long time. But it's good to know i have this option!

I'll try this script!

Thanks once again!
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