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Satelite imagery texture import from unknown area on earth

08-14-2017 03:20 PM
New Contributor II

I am using the import data wizard feature capturing esri's DEM and satellite imagery and it comes back with the correct DEM but the incorrect satellite imagery.

The target site is in Oakland CA but comes back with a satellite image of the desert. Not sure if this is a known bug or I'm not using the wizard correctly.

I am using CityEngine 2017.

Thank you

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Esri Regular Contributor

Thank you for your question. Please refer the CityEngine help on Get map data from ArcGIS Online / Portal .
In CityEngine 2017.0 there should be no problem importing DEM an satellite imagery from the ESRI basemap services.

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Thank you for your response.  The issue is that the "Get Map Data" function produces the incorrect extent from what I select in the wizard.

I have taken some screen shots showing the process and the end result which is clearly not what was selected in the wizard.

Any word about this would be helpful because it greatly hinders the programs usability. 

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Esri Regular Contributor

This is a bug.  Thank you for helping us find this.  Your screenshots are great with the coordinate system and the download extent numbers, and they really helped us track this down.  We suspect there is a feet to meters conversion problem somewhere.  The coordinate system in your current scene is in feet, so there is a problem with the data download, but if you start with a new scene, you should be able to get the data, and then import it into your current scene.

I think this workaround might work for you.

1) Open a new scene

2) File -> Get Map Data

3) Select the area you want to download

4) In the maps folder, find the newly downloaded elevation.tif file, and drag it into your original scene (with the coordinate system in feet).

5) A dialog will pop up, and you can specify the texture to be texture.jpg.